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Virtual Project Planning Services


30 Minutes

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Let's sit down and Talk about your Project. When we do, you will realize that there is an entire Universe of Considerations to take into account when it comes to successfully completing big household Projects.

I am Here to be your biggest advocate in your project conquering world, and I bring nearly 20 Years of Construction Experience and Advanced construction Design and Takeoff Software in order to Provide you with the best and most detailed information that you will need to Guarantee your project Success. Step-By-Step Assistance is Also Available to guide you through the process and expand the number of things that you can feel comfortable taking on by yourself!

Here's How it Works: Scheduling for Project Planning Services must be made 48 hours in advance along with a $30 Deposit.

For Customers who are entering the Planning Phase of their upcoming projects and would like to go into their endeavor with a solid plan to execute, and step-by-step instruction to accomplish your goals. Here are just a few ways that we can help:

​- Project Planning Ideas and Consultation

​- Knowledgeable guidance to overcome Permitting Hurdles

​- Item and count specific material list generation

​- Custom Scaled Drawings for your project in PDF Form.

​- 3D Renderings of your room or Project.

​- Audio and Video consultation with screen and file sharing

​- Encrypted file sharing medium for enhanced cyber security

​- Furniture Fitment Planning

​- Time Block scheduling for dedicated attention to your specific needs.

​- Purchase Time in as low as 15 Minute increments. 

​- Friendly Step by step guidance or Instruction to measure or evaluate your project in order make the best attempt to make all of the universal considerations related to your project.


Virtually Done LLC: Virtual Handyman, Electrical and Home Tech Services

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